Embracing the Future with topi: How optimizes IT Procurement

Discover how Berlin-based start-up,, is revolutionizing its IT procurement process by partnering with topi and reaping the benefits of equipment rental.

Aya Tange
June 20, 2023

Are you searching for ways to access cutting-edge technology without exceeding your budget? How can you save on IT equipment without compromising quality? And how do you prevent old devices from becoming electronic waste?

Today, we'll unveil the simple answer that fintech company,, has found: topi.

Maximizing Efficiency and Savings:

By opting to rent IT infrastructure from topi, has equipped all 27 employees with the latest Apple MacBooks through affordable monthly installments, significantly reducing their IT budget. In fact, the company saves approximately 15% on IT equipment compared to traditional purchasing methods.

"Renting with topi is completely uncomplicated. Short registration and off you go. What surprised me the most were the prices. If we upgrade our equipment after the rental period - which we would do anyway - we pay less overall than if we had bought the equipment. This is, of course, an incredible deal that we like to take advantage of often,"  reveals Maximilian Linden, CEO of

Streamlining Hardware Procurement:

Before partnering with topi, faced numerous challenges when procuring hardware. They encountered difficulty in acquiring certain crucial hardware models within Germany, and managing multiple accounts across various online shops proved time-consuming and inefficient. However, topi revolutionized the hardware procurement process for by leveraging its strong partner network of trusted retailers and IT system houses, capable of meeting specialized device configurations.

Seamless Ordering, Peace of Mind:

Another impressive aspect of topi, as highlighted by, is the seamless and user-friendly ordering process. With just a few clicks, hardware orders can be effortlessly placed for rental, streamlining workflows and providing ease for both your nerves and your wallet.

"The simplicity of the ordering process and the ability to procure almost any hardware is worth its weight in gold," confirms Maximilian Linden.

With over 15 successful orders through topi, can now fully concentrate on their core business, instead of dealing with arduous IT infrastructure processes. Furthermore, topi's collaboration with trusted and reputable IT partners ensures exceptional advice and prompt delivery, providing with a reliable support system.

Flexibility for Productivity and Sustainability:

However, the advantages of renting with topi don't end there. At the end of the rental period, gains the flexibility to decide whether to purchase the equipment at its residual value, return it, or upgrade to newer models. This ensures their IT equipment remains up to date, empowering the team to work productively. Returned equipment undergoes professional data cleaning and recycling, contributing to a sustainable environment through topi's rental model.

Unparalleled Customer Service: also praises topi's exceptional customer service, highlighting the team's specialized competence in the B2B realm and their fast, effective assistance in addressing concerns. When a laptop from was stolen, topi reacted promptly and professionally, swiftly resolving the situation and solidifying' trust in the partnership.

Make the Switch to Simple:

Overall, highly recommends topi's rental services to other companies facing similar hardware procurement challenges.

"As the claim says, 'switch to simple' with topi," emphasizes Maximilian Linden.

Ready to Experience the Advantages of topi?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to benefit from topi's advantages. Contact us today to maximize your efficiency, save you money, and position your business at the forefront of the future.


topi allows businesses to rent hardware on a monthly basis instead of buying it upfront. Easy, affordable and fast.

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