Dear retailers – there is a better way to offer your business customers access to the products they need. Welcome to renting with topi.

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We specialize in Hardware-as-a-Service. Our innovative technology platform finally enables you to offer fully digital, worry-free and liquidity-friendly access to the equipment they need The benefits for you: bigger shopping carts, higher revenue, and all the other nice things you can read below.

We enable Hardware-as-a-Service. Hardware-as-a-what?

We’re convinced that the future will be all about convenient and cost-efficient access to hardware - which has already become the norm for software with Software-as-a-service. Simply being able to use hardware without having to own it. That’s Hardware-as-a-Service.

Smart subscription solutions for business customers

To ensure that everything is in place, topi provides the tech infrastructure which ensures all parties can transact quickly, easily, and securely.

Flexibility is key: You can decide for yourself how you set up with topi. For instance, do you want to use topi's risk & fraud checks and monthly billing, but account for all equipment on your own balance sheet or use your financing partner? No problem. Do you want to bring your own insurance provider? No problem. Our platform for hardware subscriptions is fully modular - you can pick and choose.

Our initial offering: enabling fully-digital rentals of electronic devices

Benefits for your business customers:

Fast, convenient and secure transactions
Rental payments are 100% deductible operational expenses
More room in their budget through convenient monthly payments
Regular upgrades with brand new equipment – and no more old tech lying around in drawers
Lower costs during the overall useful life through inclusion of the residual value

The result:

Higher conversion. Bigger shopping carts. Higher revenue.
Higher customer retention
Access to new customer groups

Benefits for you as a retailer:

Fast and guaranteed payments without default risk
Easy integration into all B2B sales channels
Entire product catalogue supported
Secure and fully digital processes without paperwork
Opening of new revenue streams
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Who is topi built for?

We have the solution for all retailers who want to brush off old-fashioned B2B structures and want to bring their business to the next level by offering Hardware-as-a-Service to their business customers.

More details

We are pleased about our constantly growing retailer network. We would love to chat! Book a free demo to learn more about the topi platform.

Do you have questions?

Take a look at our FAQs:

How does topi work?

It’s actually very simple. We provide you with an easy-to-integrate operational system for your checkout process. Your business customers can choose to rent or buy each individual product in their shopping cart. You receive your money immediately – while we take care of everything related to the rental. All this is sorted in just a few steps. Take a look at Our solutions page for the full download on how it works, or book a demo with us where we’ll be happy to explain everything.

Why should you as a retailer offer rentals with topi?

In short: it will make your business customers happy. And they’ll make you happy in return. More specifically, our solutions give your business customers much easier access to your offerings. By increasing your business customers’ liquidity, you’ll see higher conversions, bigger shopping carts, and higher revenue. And that’s all without any added default risk.

What changes for you as a retailer?

Apart from the fact that we take a lot of work off your hands, while almost certainly increasing your revenue, not much. There’s no risk of default or fraud because you always get paid immediately. You just send out the products to your business customers as usual, while we take care of the finances.

Your question isn't answered? Feel free to send us a message and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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