Renting is the new buying. We are building the B2B HaaS-platform of tomorrow.

Our growing team of extremely smart people are developing the B2B payment platform of tomorrow – and the months and years after. We offer fame, glory, admiration, sugary drinks and – the cherry on top – a great salary and stock options. But what’s it like to work with us?

Ein Begriff reicht nicht, um uns zu beschreiben, es reicht ja noch nicht mal ein Büro. Unsere Mitarbeitenden sitzen zum Beispiel in London, Madrid, Zürich oder Berlin-Mitte. Wir wären ja verrückt, wenn wir euch nicht dort arbeiten lassen, wo ihr arbeiten wollt. Wenn du also am besten in Portugal auf einem aufgeblasenen Strandsessel arbeitest, dann arbeitest du in Portugal auf einem aufgeblasenen Strandsessel. 

Of course, we’ll still welcome anyone who wants to work at our headquarters in Berlin. You can expect fabulous team events, language courses, fresh fruit, snacks, and an impressive selection of drinks in the fridge – all included. Our only condition? We’re looking for the best. That’s all that matters, no matter where you are right now and where you want to spend your days. Whatever location you choose, the team meets up regularly all over Europe for our legendary off-site meetups.

You are crazy my child, you have to go to Berlin.*

We are headquartered in Berlin-Mitte, the bubbling heart of the German start-up capital. It’s a city with so much to offer, even half of New York gets wide-eyed when you mention its name. Things were quite rustic here at the topi headquarters when we started, but that’s all changed now.

Our doors are open, and our walls are down. Thoughts can flow freely, and opportunities are abundant. We discuss, we think, we make, and we do. The focus is always on the mission, not individual egos. You will be thrown in at the deep end and given responsibility right from the start. In other words, you’ll be listened to and valued as part of the team. Everyone contributes. And everyone can make their own coffee.

topi is think tanks, tennis courts, juice bars, data centers, and a buzzing honeypot for nerds and creatives. Here at topi, we have everything we need to build outstanding solutions for the here and now.

*You always see this quote whenever people talk about Berlin. Berlin is a place of transformation – a place to change the world. We couldn't imagine a better place for breaking down the barriers in the world of B2B payments. And we promise that this is the only time we’ll make you think of the past.


When Rita’s not charming audiences with her violin or standing on a stage somewhere, she writes genius code like something out of this world. Even when it’s 45 °C in the shade – because she lives in the stunningly beautiful city of Seville. We lovingly call her WikiRita, because she has a knack for memorizing all the useless information on the planet. She first studied theater, then computer science. In short, Rita is a master at almost everything and we’re delighted that she can contribute her many talents here at topi.

I’d explain my job to my grandma by saying...

I build the internet.

My favorite topi story:

We were at an off-site event in Lisbon, and thanks to a spectacular collaboration between Sales (Markus), Design (Daniele), and Operations (Steffen), our co-founder Estelle was led to believe the massive dollop of aioli on her apple crumble was custard. The look on her face when she tasted it – absolutely priceless!

The top 3 things on my bucket list:

Learn Japanese, build a robot, become the best programmer of all time.

Without you, we’re nothing but a good idea. With you, we’ll be able to kick outdated B2B payments to the curb. Are you in?