Dear renters – with topi you can say goodbye to big capital expenditures, paperwork, complex procurement processes and outdated equipment in drawers. Welcome to renting with topi.

iPhone 14
128GB, Blue
€ 27.07/m
24 months
€ 755.46
Single payment
iPad Air
128GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray
€ 22.15/m
24 months
€ 618.11
Single payment
MacBook Air 13"
M2 8-Core, 256GB, Space Gray
€ 30.41/m
36 months
€ 1190
Single payment

With topi you can now rent your IT equipment instead of buying it. Easy, affordable and fast.

At the end of the rental period, you can choose to upgrade, purchase or simply return your product. That way your IT is always up to date with no more old devices cluttering your drawers or causing unnecessary waste.

Your benefits at a glance:

Lower costs during the total term due to incorporation of the residual value
Free up your budget through convenient monthly payments
Take advantage of 100% tax-deductible operating expenses
Manage your budget effectively, with no hidden costs and full transparency
Seamlessly check-out, through fast, convenient, and secure transactions
Get regular IT upgrades with brand-new equipment and no more old devices lying around in drawers
Good for the environment by passing on the old appliances to the circular economy
Günstiger als kaufen bei Upgrade oder Rückgabe nach Ende der Mietzeit
Mietzahlungen als OpEx 100 % steuerlich absetzbar
Keine versteckten Kosten und volle Transparenz
Schnelle, bequeme und sichere Abwicklung
Mehr Freiraum für Ihr Budget und Cashflow-Optimierung durch bequeme Zahlung in monatlichen Raten
Gut für die Umwelt durch Weitergabe der Altgeräte an die Kreislaufwirtschaft
Regelmäßige Erneuerung Ihrer IT mit fabrikneuen Geräten und keine nutzlosen Altgeräte mehr in den Schubladen
€ 16.120,96

How cost-efficient is renting?

Just try it out. We have made a simulation with real data from our partner GRAVIS.


Total Price

* These numbers does not reflect reality.

Want to rent with topi?

We have tested our offer with a limited group of business customers at selected retailers but are now gradually opening up this offer to all business customers. More partners will also be added shortly. Would you like to start renting the hardware you love with topi? Please join our waiting list with your company e-mail address and you’ll be the first to find out.

Folgt in Kürze
Folgt in Kürze

Renting is the new buying. You protect your liquidity, save money and effort, help save the planet, and keep your IT up-to-date.

With renting, you can plan your IT equipment reliably and cost-efficiently. Fully digital, affordable and so convenient that all there is to say is: “Oh, it can be that easy?”

Renting with topi, it's that simple:


Choose your desired IT equipment from one of our retailers.


Go to your sales agent or simply go directly to the checkout in the e-commerce store and select “Rent with topi”.


Register with topi - swiftly and in just a few clicks - and select which products you would like to buy or rent. Your liquidity will thank you.


All set. You will receive your products in the usual way from our partner, while we take care of all finances.

Would you like to start renting the hardware and accessories you need with topi?

Call us crazy, but we think that in the 21st century, the success of a company should not hinge on access to the resources needed to operate. That’s why topi is finally bringing dusty, old B2B structures into the future.

Do you have questions?

Take a look at our FAQ:

What exactly does topi do?

topi ist eine Zahlungsmethode, mit der Sie als Geschäftskund:in bei ausgewählten Händlern für jedes Produkt in Ihrem Warenkorb entscheiden können, ob sie es mieten oder kaufen möchten. Dafür müssen Sie sich nur bei topi registrieren (dauert nur einen Moment und ist völlig unverbindlich). Ihre Produkte erhalten Sie wie gewohnt vom Händler Ihres Vertrauens und wir kümmern uns dann um alles Finanzielle. Probieren Sie es doch einfach mal aus.

Are the devices new?

Yes. All devices are brand new. At the end of the rental period we hand over used devices to trade-in partners. One of the great things about topi is that your teams will never have to work with outdated equipment again. It’s a real value-add for all your staff. Your finance and procurement team should be happy, too.

How will I receive my devices?

You will receive your devices in the usual way from our partner. The hardware will be shipped as soon as it is available. Normally it should arrive within a few days. If you have any questions you can just get in touch with your sales agent. You can find them on the topi website, right next to your order. When and if your equipment is available, you’ll find out when ordering.

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Onward to the future with topi

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Let's get started

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