B2B procurement and payment are still uncomfortably behind the times. An unpleasant business. It’s time to polish it and give it a fresh new look. That’s where topi comes in.

We use our infrastructure to enable what should have been standard for a long time: That small and medium-sized enterprises get easy, speedy, and unbureaucratic access to the hardware they love.

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topi is made up of open minds, crazy high standards, fastidious attention to detail, next-gen technology, financial expertise, and an energy density unequalled since the Big Bang.

You might not need to hear about our office dog (as cute as the non-existent pupper might be). Nor do you need to learn what time we put the morning coffee on. What matters more is what we can do for you – and how. You can learn more about our capabilities right here. But we’d equally love to have a one-on-one chat about it.

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We are new, but impossible to ignore.

topi is fresh on the block, but our team is experienced. Our people have studied at Harvard, Cambridge or in Munich and cut their teeth in big companies such as Apple, McKinsey, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and PayPal. But big names on your CV are not a prerequisite for working with us on the B2B world of tomorrow. What is important is an open mind and the will to build something we couldn’t find anywhere else:

Unignorable Fintech infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why unignorable? Because our operating system for hardware subscriptions saves buyers time, increases liquidity, and is superbly simple. And because our system also offers retailers more conversions, bigger shopping carts, better customer retention, and thus higher revenue.

An end to battling with outdated equipment... while still helping the planet? Say hello to the circular economy.

Our rental model ensures old equipment no longer gathers dust in a drawer. Instead, we ensure everything gets fed back into the circular economy. This conserves resources, reduces e-waste, and even saves you money. Great!

The Founders

Charlotte Pallua

Studied at Harvard and in Paris and Tokyo, worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, before leading a global team at Apple, where she was responsible for financing programs. She’s got a strong tennis serve, an incredibly motivating hands-on mentality, and a wondrous ability to get up early in a city of night owls. Charlotte is responsible for everything external at topi – sales, recruiting & investments, partnerships, and marketing. Aside from that, she energizes everyone she meets with her drive and vision. Who needs gas or oil imports when you’ve got Charlotte powering your ship?

Estelle Merle

Estelle studied at Oxford and then Harvard, where she and Charlotte became friends. After four years at Goldman Sachs in London, Estelle left the world of figures for the world of technology, most recently as Director of Expansion at Via. She has an ultra-sharp analytical mind -in charge of everything internal – from product and technology to operations. Wherever Estelle is involved, things go to plan. It’s just her no-sugar-in-my-lemonade approach that may sometimes be seen as a little controversial. But that’s forgotten during our glorious after-work drinks.

Who we work with

Following soon
Following soon

We are proudly partnering with several retailers for our initial rollout. However, we will soon be opening up our offering to additional partners and their business customers. If you’d like to start delighting your business customers with topi’s rental options, book a demo to learn more.

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Our goal is to give businesses much easier access to everything they need to succeed. Not only we believe we can do this, but our investors as well.

In addition to these two, we also have a consortium of renowned angel investors behind us. These include Dominik Richter, founder of HelloFresh; Max Tayenthal, founder of N26; Thijn Lamers, founding team of Adyen; Fabian Wesemann, founder and CFO of Wefox; and Emanuel Pallua, founder of Foodora and brother of our co-founder Charlotte.

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